Masterful Living Year 3 2020

Podcast Instructions

To listen to the podcast of the class, you can do it several different ways:

Suggested method – you can copy and paste the podcast link into your iTunes library on your computer and then sync up to your iPod or MP3 player.

The easiest is to listen to it directly from your computer. The disadvantage with this approach is that you need to be at your computer.

If you downloaded the file on your computer you can write it to a CD.

For more detailed instructions you can download:

Podcast Video Instructions

Below are the instructions on how to insert the podcast into your iTunes (see PDF download above for more details).

Copy this link, open iTunes, choose “subscribe to podcast” and paste this URL into the subscription box:

  • Once in iTunes, click the podcast bar on the left
  • Go to the “advanced” tab at the top
  • Then go to “subscribe to podcast”
  • A pop up box will open. Paste the podcast link into the box, then press OK
  • This will start downloading the last class on your computer, in your iTunes podcast library
  • To get more classes, double click on the podcast icon to open it and get the rest of the classes.

To sync to your iPod, connect your iPod, click on your iPod icon on the left side of the screen, go to the podcast section, and select the MLC podcast.

Enjoy the replay!

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