Masterful Living Ascension Pathway 2020

What’s the difference between a Certified Counselor and a Counselor in Training?


Counseling with my Certified Spiritual Counselors

The Certified Spiritual Counselors have completed their certification requirements and are now Finding Freedom Certified Spiritual Counselors

They have facilitated groups in my Finding Freedom and Masterful Living programs, as well as completed 4 workbooks and over 111 counseling hours. As their trainer and mentor, I trust that any counseling work you do with these devoted souls will support you!

Please note, certified counselors are free to set their own fees. Email them directly to inquire, and/or arrange a counseling session.


Counseling with my Finding Freedom Counselors in Training

The wonderful people are dedicated spiritual students studying with me to be Certified Finding Freedom Counselors. While in the training, they are available for 1-on-1 spiritual counseling on a Love Offering (Donation) basis.

They have gone through an intensive training and counseling with me, have taken Finding Freedom and Masterful Living. I believe that any counseling work you do with these beautiful souls will support you!

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