Masterful Living Ascension Pathway 2020

Mastery Circles – Every Other Week

Small groups of 8 to 10 people that meet for 1 hour every other week on zoom.This is an opportunity to meet face to face with a small group of like-minded souls who are on the same Masterful Living journey. The purpose is to discuss on a more intimate level, your personal journey and to receive support.

Class access details will be posted soon!

Quick Links:

    • For support with anything related to payments, credit card updates, email issues or any inquiries please contact: [email protected] – Glazy Perez or Gee Jay Leyson will respond to you.


    • For support with anything you’d like to connect with Jennifer about, please contact: [email protected] – Jennifer will respond to you.




    • For your class details including zoom links, time of class and reminders, please click here.