Masterful Living Ascension Pathway 2020

Healing from Sexual Abuse


Our meeting will be every 2nd Friday of the month at 7pm EST and every 4th Tuesday of the month at 5pm EST.

Friday, April 10th

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Group Intention:

Our intention is to create a support group that will be a come as you are, non-judgmental safe space where we put our Higher Holy Spirit Selves in charge of our complete healing from sexual abuse. We know that when the Holy Spirit is in charge, it is possible to heal from all of our wounding. Miraculous healing has occurred already, and we invite you to join us on the continuation of this healing journey.

Meet the Facilitators:

Elizabeth Welch:

I have been on my spiritual journey for three decades. I consider myself to be a metaphysician, a devoted ACIM student, and an initiate into spirituality. My desire and intention is to be of maximum service to the Light as I continue my own spiritual unfolding and development, while assisting others in their individual personal quests for Self-discovery. I have successfully been in sobriety for 35 years, and have studied addiction and self-medicating in depth – my desire is to share with others the miracles I have received.

I was sexually abused as a child, which has affected every romantic relationship for my entire life. I have completed lots of healing work on sexual abuse, including Jennifer Hadley’s recent “Healing Sexual Abuse” retreat. My desire is to assist others in doing this transformative work in healing their sexual abuse.

Jennifer Hadley’s various classes, especially Finding Freedom and Masterful Living, are incredible tools for discovering one’s limiting beliefs, negativity, and blocks to God’s Will of perfect happiness for you.


Kelly Hess:

Healing from sexual abuse has been a lifelong journey of fits and starts. Years of therapy helped to some degree, but did not assuage the sense of shame (often unconscious) that permeated my spirit, nor did it heal the destructive patterns plaguing my relationships, moods and behaviors.

It is only recently that I have learned that utilizing the spiritual tools given me through Jennifer Hadley’s Masterful Living and Finding Freedom classes I can find deep, abiding healing. Miracles are happening daily as I am applying these principles. For one, I am no longer hyper-vigilant and unfairly suspicious of my beloved life partner. I do not blame him for all the men who came before. While I cannot claim we have ascended into a holy relationship, progress is being made and it feels amazing!

But I am most grateful for the deepened connection I feel with Spirit, which I attribute to feeling more worthy. Gone is the constant generalized, low-grade “not-enoughness” I have carried far too long. I want to continue this healing and widen the opportunity for other like-minded souls who have been similarly effected by sexual abuse. I believe together we can create a sacred space where everyone can feel safe, valued, seen and heard, where we are all able to heal!


Paula Martin:

Since early childhood, I have experienced moments of connectedness with Spirit. I also experienced the 1960’s head-on. After pilgrimaging to Woodstock in 1969, and completing a MA in theatre in 1971, my intentions to build a career in New York Theatre were re-routed to join a yoga monastery in the Pocono Mountains. I embraced the monastic life of selfless service and spiritual growth in the retreats we created for others, the multiple visits to India, and the summer camp programs we established for Hindu children. After 15 years, I realized that “the world is our monastery”, and set about to discover a new way in which I felt Higher Holy Spirit Self was guiding me to serve humanity.

Fast forward through 25 years of bracing experience in the world monastery, also called “Earth”.

In 2013, I became a student of A Course in Miracles and received a deeper understanding of all I had learned in the Yoga Ashram. Through ACIM, I discovered Jennifer Hadley’s Ministry of Love, for which I am deeply grateful. I learned how to pray, how to forgive, how to practice ACIM daily, boots on the ground and living from the Heart. Jennifer is an inspiration to me and to all who are part of her ministry.

I have attended many of Jennifer’s Retreats and Workshops. However, the retreat featuring “Healing from Sexual Abuse: was especially appealing and challenging to me. You see, for the past 60 years, I have been seeking to heal from the unloving beliefs spawned by the experience of sexual abuse in my childhood — from my own father.

The unloving and judgemental thoughts stemming from sexual abuse prevented me from trusting others as well as trusting myself. I projected the unloving thoughts and judgements onto others — thus I felt unloved, judged, limited, and alone/separated. I recognized it was time to commit to a deep-dive into these negative beliefs and the pain I continued to carry. Thus, the “Healing from Sexual Abuse” retreat was an opportunity I decided to willingly choose, and I am so grateful for the healing that occurred at the workshop for all of us who attended.

The greatest healing moment for me (among many!) was the moment I committed to get “off the throne of judgement”. We all realized together that there is no one to judge, especially ourselves. How freeing! How loving! How fearless we all became! And from this blessing and an invitation from Jennifer came the intention to create a space within which we share this healing with others who may be suffering in the same way we were suffering. May we heal together! With loving hearts, we welcome you to join us on the healing journey.


Suzi Sokolow:

Even saying or thinking the words ‘sexual abuse” can feel icky and sticky to me, and ‘let’s not go there’.

It has taken much courage and much willingness to develop trust in my Higher Holy Spirit Self to look inside and see what feelings and beliefs have kept me tortured and a prisoner for most of my life related to this abuse.

Having participated in Jennifer’s “Healing From Sexual Abuse” retreat this year, I was able to see where some of my core beliefs about myself originated. The retreat was a profound experience and the beginning of my complete healing from the beliefs that there is something wrong with me and that I have no value ~ that I am worthless, not good enough and unlovable.
This support group will be a come-as-you-are, nonjudgmental safe space where we put our Higher Holy Spirit Selves in charge of our complete healing. I now know this possible for all of us, and I am claiming our healing now.

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