Masterful Living Ascension Pathway 2020

How to set up & use the Zoom video platform


1) Sign up for a free Zoom account here: (further details below)

2) ***You must have your Zoom account open (be logged in to Zoom) for the Zoom links to work (in the reminder e-mail or on the MLC class or community call page)

3) You can join Zoom via video from your computer/device (your computer/device camera & microphone will be used) or you can join by phone ONLY.

a) To join the video call: Open a separate window and click on the Zoom link in the reminder e-mail sent or on the class page that says “To join from PC, Mac…..” (example below)




b) To join by phone ONLY: Use the one tap iPhone or dial in Telephone numbers & meeting ID listed in the e-mail or on the class page. 










OneTap for iPhone

One tap ROCKS if you’re on an iPhone! Create a new contact for Masterful Living Class zoom call in and in your Contacts and then put in the one-tap number.  When you click on it from your contacts one-tap automatically takes you directly to your class on any Apple device.


Setting up Zoom 

When you first set up Zoom you may see this screen & you click allow

Your screen will look like the one below (in general), but won’t have the light background, the background will either be black or have Jennifer in it.

Once Jennifer has joined Zoom it should look something like this:











Zoom Controls

If you do NOT want to be seen on video, then click on the camera icon at the bottom left of your screen. Once you click on it, there should be a red line through it, that means you’re not on video.


To mute & unmute yourself, click on the microphone. If the red line is through it, you’re muted and no can hear you if you talk. If you click it again, the red line should disappear and then everyone can hear you.


To leave the meeting click on the red “Leave Meeting” at the bottom right of the screen


How to know if someone is in Zoom but not on video, on Zoom & on video, or listening by phone only.

If you click on the blue arrow it will show you all the different people on the call

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